sPhoton chat
is made for enterprises

Internal communication

sPhoton chat is a private chat application for enterprises. Our platform support communication, collaboration and sharing information throughout the organization faster and more convenience.

No distraction

With sPhoton chat, employee is no longer being disrupted by advertisement or personal message. We keep your working environment being professional.

Increase performance

The tasks are assigned and monitored systematically. Avoid missed work, wrong work, wrong deadline due to not checking mail or missing messages.

Professional chat platform for enterprises.

  • Synchronize information exchanged in the company in real time: All members of the company can easily access and share information with each other.
  • Simplify processes through chat: Running a business is 1000 times easier when information is exchanged quickly and conveniently.
  • Expand the business’s workspace: Besides the office space, the company has an additional virtual space, where people can more easily interact with each other.
sPhoton chat

Why sPhoton Chat?


Manager can manages users easily. New user can be added by email or an invitation link.


The workspace can be divided into open channels and privates channels.


Every messages and files can be searched easily without any limitation.


Enterprises have all privilege to control how, who, and what information can be exchange and sharing.


sPhoton chat is available on Web, Mobile App, Desktop app with a dedicated support team,

Office: Innovation Building – No 70/27 Dai Co Viet Street – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi
Email: touch@sphoton.com
Since 2014